Monday, January 3, 2011

off topic

so we are completely and totally moved out of the old place and that mean that i can devote my energies (or whatever energies i can coax from caffeinated beverages) to our new home.  by "our" new home i probably mean "my" new home - the first home that has ever belonged to me - the first home where i decide what goes on the walls and which colors go where - me.  bliss.

and even while i have been waiting for this for so long, i am content to do everything right the first time even if it means that i search for the right color/fabric/furniture for a while.

such has been the case for my kitchen curtains.  the kitchen is destined to be gorgeous in shades of aqua blues and lime greens, to coordinate with my collections of same colored glasses, textiles, and utensils.  i intend for the bulk of the kitchen to be painted a lighter shade of aqua with one large wall painted white.  i hope to find a fabric for the curtains for the two windows that have such a pattern that i might paint it onto the large white wall in a larger scale.

some fabrics that are front runners at this point:

teja in blue by dena fishbein

flirty dance in lime by patricia bravo

tea garden by dena designs
i really love this one.  if it is not my curtains it will surely be found somewhere else in my home.  i also think i'll have a lot of fun painting it.

mckenzie df70 - aqua by dena designs 

and here's some others that are not entirely eliminated:

nicey jane hb20 by heather bailey

hoot hoot in marchmellow by moda

peacock eye in green by patricia bravo

pop garden wallpaper roses by heather bailey
sanctuary seafoam aromatherapy by patty young

tufted tweets birdie dots grass by patty young

and one more that won't let me cut and paste the image:

i have fondness for all of them.

after i choose the fabrc i will choose my paint color to coordinate.

decisions, decisions.