Friday, June 24, 2011

proof in the pudding . . .

so i do this airbrushing stuff, and at least a dozen times a day i get asked if the paint fades.  the answer is "not much . . . if you take care of it right". 

the right way to to iron or heat press the shirt before wearing the first time, then when washing turn inside out, wash in cold water, and line dry.

but who really does that?  i sure as hell don't.  i make shirts, iron them, then abuse them like crazy.  inside out, paint side out, hot water, cold water, soiled setting, and always always throw them in the drier.  sure, i don't care as much because i can just make a new one, but let's just call it an experiment.

so here's a shirt i made for my dear husband in 2009:
this is before i even took it off the shirt board - it doesn't get much fresher than this.

now, after 2 years of being worn and abused at least once a week, this is how it looks:
modeled here by my studliness himself.  a little faded, yes, but still looking awesome.  imagine how good it would look if i did care for it 'as directed'?!? 

so, in summery, the paint does stay.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

make like a tree . . .

why must summer be so blessed busy?  so very many things going on and i'm just treading water in the storm.  oh, and to actually accomplish something is a small miracle!

soooo, months ago i was asked my my sweetie of a friend, who is expecting her second child any minute now, to paint a tree on the wall in her kiddo(s) room.  and last week i finally got to getting to it.  sara wanted a tree that looked old, and that worked with the baby's comforter - can do!

some in-process pics:

and the final product:

i think it turned out pretty fabulous.  now that his room is ready, hopefully he'll make like a tree.  come on, baby!


Monday, June 13, 2011

happy happy . . .

birthday to me!  yup - 28 today.  having a tough time with a number that is so certainly not how old i feel.

so, anyways, yesterday we had a party/luau for my little man and i - he'll be 1 on the 16th.  this is merely the first of many birthdays he'll have to share with his mama.  so our theme was luau, and i found some great little luau rubber duckies, so it worked for both.

his cupcakes:

and my cake:
my first 3-layer cake!  i was very impressed with myself.  and, it was a pina colada cake, which was fabulous and super easy to make.


2 boxes white cake mix
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
2 cans pina colada mix
1 cup rum (i used parrot bay)
whipped cream (turned out to require less than 1 tub)

make 3 9" round cakes as directed, only add 1/2 cup rum to the mixture.  mix the colada mix, milk, and remaining rum.  right out of the oven you poke holes all over the cakes and pour the mixture over until it's absorbed (next time i will cut off the tops of the cakes, as you do later to make a layered cake, before pouring the mixture on).  chill before constructing the cake.

nom nom nom


Monday, June 6, 2011

some things i made in recent history . . .

today i am going to post some airbrushed stuff that i made - and not stuff that i made light years ago - some of it i made just this past weekend!  really!

i know you're too excited for words, so let's get to it . . .

first, this is a shirt i made for the little man for our birthday luau coming up.  his little swim trunks are blue, green, and purple, so i made this to match.  progress pics!
 drawn out.
 add color.
plus name and white accents.  ta da!

some hats i got all colorful on:

 this is an old bowling pin i got from a local bowling alley, and i painted it to use as a first place crazy bowl trophy . . .
 after i painted this i made some other trophies that i liked better for this particular event.  so, if anyone needs a crazy bowl trophy, i got one for sale :)

gotta go . . . big double birthday luau to prepare for!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011