Wednesday, April 25, 2012

this is a day . . .

over the weekend my sweet baby girl took another step towards growing up . . . her first communion!  there's not anything quite so unsettling for a parent than to see their little girl dressed up like a bride at the age of 8.  *shivers*.  luckily they are not so strict with attire anymore, and so georgia and i did our own twist on the traditional garb.  now, i did not make her dress or the sweater, for lack of functioning sewing machine, but i did make the veil . . .

sure, it's not a "real" veil, but a traditional veil just looked silly with the dress.  plus, her hair is just so damn cute in a headband!  i'm having a small love affair with birdcage veils right now, anyways.

and also, the banner.  the kids are all required to make a banner for the event, but i don't know if the people in charge have ever asked an 8-year-old to make a banner before?  georgia and i talked about what it should look like and what things she wanted to include, but i fully admit that i did all the work.  at 8 she has no business using the super scizzors needed to cut felt, and i barely am capable of using a hot glue gun without hurting myself!

she's getting so big!

sigh.  off to go look through her baby pictures :(