Tuesday, November 30, 2010

finally . . .

for months i have mentioned my new lover - knitting.  finally i am ready to show it off.  behold:

the colorway of this yarn was 'electric blue', and it is.  i made the red/aqua barrette there to go with it, and it happens to be adorable either worn in the hair or attached directly to the scarf!  ridiculously cute, if i do say so myself.

this is a sky blue baby-sized hat with ties.  the ties are absurdly long, which is either cute . . . or absurd.

colorway: driftwood. yah, it's not very sexy sounding, but it has loverly blues and greens hiding in the brown.  again, i made a flower barrette to match.  

 this colorway is called 'fiesta', but i want to call it 'after my own heart'.  i wanted to make a coordinating barrette, but everything i tried to pair with it just seemed insignificant.

adult sized pom-pom hat.  adults secretly yearn for the days when pom-poms were appropriate.  i'm with toys-r-us on this one - 'i don't wanna grow up . . . "

this cowls is a darker grey, but not nearly as dark as it has photographed.  the coordinating barrette is made from an old fleece sweater, and it is stunning together.  i actually made a headband almost the exact same as this barrette because i love the contrast so much.

this is not nearly all of the things i've made recently, nor is it all the things i have knitted or photographed, or anything.  i have oodles and oodles to show off!

if you like anything you see, come by the ics craft fair in columbia, il this saturday - dec 4!  it will all be there.  otherwise, check out my etsy shop next week or get ahold of me!


prodigal blogger

it has been a while since i graced this blog with my presence.  life is getting a bit crazy.  the little man is moving, and so are we!  buying a house with much more space, suitable for small mobile kiddos.  we are thrilled/exhausted/busy.

also, i have a craft fair coming up this weekend.  why not?  nothing better to do, eh?  so my life is cleaning, producing, and packing.  oh, there's some sleep in there from time to time as well.

today you get to see more of my airbrush stuff. 

first, some of the more cheesy, typical airbrush stuff that i made at work on a daily basis:

the not-so-typical:

this is the 'georgia bulldog' bulldog on a grey t-shirt.  it was painted for personal use, not for sale.

this is actually painted on a 12"x12" cork board

using the airbrush for other things:

white felt, painted rainbow, and used to make this dove barrette

 the fade from purple to pink on this felt barrette is paint - ta da!

again - airbrushed felt.  makes it a bit more special, don't you think?

alright, the natives are getting restless.  hope to post again soon!


Friday, November 5, 2010

i've been featured . . .

on an etsy treasury!  check it out . . .




Thursday, November 4, 2010

you don't wanna hear my excuses . . .

and i don't want to have to give them.  i have all but abandoned my poor blog.  i am sorry.

tis not for lack of craftiness!  halloween brought out some real creative juices, and i'm working on photos to share those gems.  today i am merely popping on to let you know that i am still alive and still making stuff.