Friday, September 16, 2011

i set fire to the rain . . .

is anyone else completely addicted to adele?  yes, of course you are, because she is phenominal!  i've been listening to her over and over while i work lately, and i sing along, loudly.  but anyways, time to talk about what i've been making . . .

i think it's about time to catch up on some swap lovelies that i've made, now that all their new owners have taken possession.

first are three airbrushed t-shirts i made for my personal swap buddy, atsuko.  these are based off some embroidery designs that she and her daughter enjoy, and i think they've found a happy home.

 night owl
 naughty birdie
curvy mermaid!  she's my favorite.  this mermaid has some junk in her trunk and she's rockin' it.

this is a painting i did for myloveasdeep as part of a personal swap.  she's got a thing for the whale vs giant squid story and i had a blast painting this.  i've decided that wood is my favorite paintable surface.  love how it turned out and was sad that i had to send it away.  it's a good thing she loves it or i'd ask for it back.

altered puzzle pieces!  i was involved in an altered puzzle piece swap with several other ladies, and these are the pieces i produced:

 shark and seahorse for an 'under the sea' theme

 picasso theme (the bottom one is a self portrait)

 fruit theme

there were a lot of theme ideas for these two.  i had fun with it.

phoenix fox i painted for phoenixfiredesigns

button tree i made for goldensunshine in a personal swap

that's all the painted goodies i can show you for now.  i have lots more, but i don't want to overwhelm.

thanks for looking.