Thursday, March 31, 2011

thanks you

first, a shout out to anyone who is reading this or anyone still "following" this poor, neglected blog.  i offer no excuses.  oh, well, maybe just one . . .

here he is, my grand excuse.  this is at 7 months, so sometime mid-january.  this little fox of mine started crawling sometime around christmas, but he really started to master the sport in january.

and then here . . .

8 months.  walking.  see how happy he is?  what you cannot see in my rapidly greying hair behind the camera.  that leaf he's holding?  i am sure it was in his mouth meer seconds after the image was captured.  please note that it was an unseasonably warm march day, and therefore the lack of footwear.

oh, and that's not all . . .

9 months.  attepting to defy gravity, and not in the awesome musical wicked way.  he's not being rotten, persay, he's being quick.  he's too quick.  and he is stealth.

one more shot of the boy just to show you how i get through the day:

yes, there he is.  stop it, stop it!  i cannot take the cuteness!  put it away!  when he calls me from jail one day this pic will be what gets me to bail him out.  but anyhow . . .

so i have my hands full.  it hasn't stopped me completely, but production is slower than normal.  i have also been doing a lot of creative cooking and baking so that i can be artsy while also feeding the fam.

here's something i've been working on:

i always see people on etsy selling t-shirt yarn, which made me desperately want to make a t-shirt scarf, which made me rip a perfectly good shirt from my closet and start cutting.
i was really escited about the possibilities offered by using a tie-dyed shirt for this (yes, i tie-dyed this one myself).  no way to know till i try!

ahhhh . . . the prettiest little ball of t-shirt yarn in the whole wide world.  did i mention little?  yeah, i was a little afeared when i saw how tiny it was, so i opted for a skinny scarf for my first go at this. 

i've started knitting, and while i haven't gotten very far, this is what it looks like:

i kinda love it.  hopefully a final product post will be coming soon!

i've completed a couple other scarves, but they need a little embellishing still.  lots of in-process projects!

no telling when i will return, but i promise that when i do there will be more lovliness than you can handle.  deal?