Thursday, August 25, 2011

busy busy busy . . .

i don't have a whole lot of time to chat today - meet the teacher night!  thing 1 happenes to have the same second grade teacher as i had for second grade, so the whole "meeting" thing seems a bit silly, but i digress.  the joys of a small town.

today i'm going to show off some of the winter gear i've been toiling away on.  scarves and cowls aren't that exciting to look at, but i try to make them interesting?

 this cowl is real wool and alpaca, in gray and cool shades of purple/green/blue/brown

 cream cowl with teal buttons

 lime green cowl with aqua buttons

 plum colored cowl with wood toggles

long cream scarf with red and periwinkle peonies cascading down one side

thanks for looking,


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


geez . . . i have not posted in!  so much loveliness has gone down and i have so many things to show you!  now, i cannot show you everything today, because your brain would bust from overload, and you'd be simply heartbroken at not having all of the greatness for yourself.  it's okay, we'll take this slow.

today, for you, some airbrush.  i keep getting requests for more airbrush, and so you're going to get it!  this is stuff i've been doing over the blisteringly hot summer, so enjoy . . .

here's one i did for a swap on craftster . . . i'm pretty proud of it

 (in process)

more to come tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i'm a stalker, too

i find great joy in perusing the work of other artists and crafters, and one of my favorites is having a give-away!  check it out . . .


and what is she giving away, you ask?  why, it's one of these:
i know, right?  you cannot run over there and sign up fast enough, huh?

have fun, and take a look around her site and see all the lovelies she's making!