Thursday, July 21, 2011

getting my swap on . . .

i've been out for a bit, but things have been getting super crafty in here, lately.  the heat advisory is partly to blame, but mostly because i've been involved in a few craft swaps.

here's some of the stuff i can show off, because my partners have already received it.  the rest will have to wait a bit longer.

this is a painting i did of our lady of guadalupe as a sugar skull for redstar13.  she mentioned loving the images of our lady of guadalupe, as well as skeletons - so i put the 2 together.  i do hope she likes it.

around the outside i painted a rosary's worth of roses ( the roses with 2 leaves are the mysteries/our fathers and the single leaves are the hail marys).  and to be accurate, you would use the three roses on the front and the cross in her hand to complete it.  no, i'm not obsessive at all.

these are 2 sets of magnets i made for troublet, one set for each of her kiddos.  this was my first adventure in polymer clay, and it was alright.  i would rather use ceramic, but i am without a kiln so i guess i'll stick with the polymer for a bit ;)

i've got a lot more to show you, someday.