Saturday, March 28, 2015

say it out loud . . .

it's been some time since i last posted - life gets crazy sometimes.  in the last 6ish months i've taken on a medium and it's been quite the learning curve.

it all started about a year ago when somebody asked me if i could paint on a coffee cup.  i have been widely suspecious of this idea.  pinterest says you just use a sharpie and bake it!  pshhhh.  that's too easy to work, right?

RIGHT!  it doesn't work, so i threw in the towel on the simple idea and moved on.

then i get another request - to paint caricatures of a bridal party on glasses.  apparently it's something people do, now, and there's people all over etsy to prove it.  proof that it can be done!  that means i just haven't found the right process, so i researched until i found it.

that was an awfully long way of saying that i paint on ceramics and glass, now.  behold . . .

 these are the bridal party caricature mugs mentioned above, or at least a portion of them.  it was a rather large group ;)
i was provided with photos of each person as well as details about what they would be wearing in the wedding (the girls could choose a variety of dresses), and any details not evident in the photos (eye color, if they always wear glasses, etc).  this was my first project in caricatures and in painting glass, so it was an experiment to say the least.

close ups!

 the bride and groom

after that i just started playing around . . .

 my splendid bunny series ;)