Tuesday, November 30, 2010

finally . . .

for months i have mentioned my new lover - knitting.  finally i am ready to show it off.  behold:

the colorway of this yarn was 'electric blue', and it is.  i made the red/aqua barrette there to go with it, and it happens to be adorable either worn in the hair or attached directly to the scarf!  ridiculously cute, if i do say so myself.

this is a sky blue baby-sized hat with ties.  the ties are absurdly long, which is either cute . . . or absurd.

colorway: driftwood. yah, it's not very sexy sounding, but it has loverly blues and greens hiding in the brown.  again, i made a flower barrette to match.  

 this colorway is called 'fiesta', but i want to call it 'after my own heart'.  i wanted to make a coordinating barrette, but everything i tried to pair with it just seemed insignificant.

adult sized pom-pom hat.  adults secretly yearn for the days when pom-poms were appropriate.  i'm with toys-r-us on this one - 'i don't wanna grow up . . . "

this cowls is a darker grey, but not nearly as dark as it has photographed.  the coordinating barrette is made from an old fleece sweater, and it is stunning together.  i actually made a headband almost the exact same as this barrette because i love the contrast so much.

this is not nearly all of the things i've made recently, nor is it all the things i have knitted or photographed, or anything.  i have oodles and oodles to show off!

if you like anything you see, come by the ics craft fair in columbia, il this saturday - dec 4!  it will all be there.  otherwise, check out my etsy shop next week or get ahold of me!


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LA said...

Wow, these are gorgeous and you picked up knitting quickly if you've only been knitting a few months. Good for you!