Sunday, December 19, 2010

i'm back - ish

the move is nearly complete!  we still have stuff at the old place that we are working on clearing out, but we are fully living in our new home, and it's really awesome.

all throughout this move i worked on a custom project - a 60" tree skirt - on the side.  i just sent it off friday, so it's already done and gone, but i wanted to show and tell about it, cause i am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

these are the materials, as requested.  cardinal red and lime green felt, and big lime green buttons for the closure

an early "sketch".  the tree skirt was to be mostly red with dot cutouts to reveal the lime green felt beneath.  i suggested this topstitching to make the skirt more durable, and thereby adding significant time to my work - but it's real cute!

another "sketch".  she didn't end up wanting my little stars, but i made the sketch and i am showing it :)

final product!

i hope she likes it.


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