Wednesday, March 19, 2014

true collaboration . . .

i recently coordinated a project that required the artistic abilities of myself and my 2 kiddos.  they love to paint, so i let them, and we're all pretty happy with the final product.

step 1 - the little man

 he's 3, the youngest "collaborator", so he goes first.  i provided him with a canvas, a paint brush, and a tray of "cool" paint colors that he chose himself.  i limited my input to directing him to paint the white areas, and he really stepped up to the challenge.  he had a blast, and really did not think he should have to stop.
i know some people tarp off an area when they let their little ones paint.  i think it's more work that it's worth.  i put him in a t-shirt that was already stained, and that's as far as my prep went.  acrylic cleans up easily with a sponge.

step 2 - big sister
after step 1 was dry, i let the 10-year-old have her turn.  she got a palette of "warm" colors and she was free to doodle on the already-painted background.  i told her that some of her work would get covered up, so it was more about having fun than painting a picture.

and step 3 - making it work

would i have hung it on the wall as-is?  yes, probably.  i'm a mom, so all the stuff they make is precious.  but this was a set project, so there was my part to finish.

i was inspired by an image i found on pinterest, which seemed appropriate given the project.

i drew it out and then painted the sky and grass areas white before the blue/green.  the space between the hearts was a particular kind of torture.  then i went back in with a fine brush to do the black outline and then the white highlights.

i'm pretty proud of my fine brushwork.  it's definitely a developed skill and i'm finally comfortable with most any project requiring it.


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