Thursday, April 7, 2011

*** my iso ***

don't get excited.  this post is all business and no fun, unless you have a lot of crap lying around your house and want to get rid of it!

i am really trying to be a greener artist, using more recycled stuff and making less craft store purchases.  so, this is a list of items that might be in your trash/recycling that i would love to take off your hands.  if you'd like to donate, send me an email.

i will keep this list current, so feel free to come back to it periodically :)

hardbound books (of little/no literary value)
wooden picture, any size, with or without glass/backing
old t-shirts
cereal boxes, flatened or not
glass vases, bottles, canning jars
blender (long shot, but why not?)
embroidery hoops


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