Friday, June 24, 2011

proof in the pudding . . .

so i do this airbrushing stuff, and at least a dozen times a day i get asked if the paint fades.  the answer is "not much . . . if you take care of it right". 

the right way to to iron or heat press the shirt before wearing the first time, then when washing turn inside out, wash in cold water, and line dry.

but who really does that?  i sure as hell don't.  i make shirts, iron them, then abuse them like crazy.  inside out, paint side out, hot water, cold water, soiled setting, and always always throw them in the drier.  sure, i don't care as much because i can just make a new one, but let's just call it an experiment.

so here's a shirt i made for my dear husband in 2009:
this is before i even took it off the shirt board - it doesn't get much fresher than this.

now, after 2 years of being worn and abused at least once a week, this is how it looks:
modeled here by my studliness himself.  a little faded, yes, but still looking awesome.  imagine how good it would look if i did care for it 'as directed'?!? 

so, in summery, the paint does stay.


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