Monday, June 13, 2011

happy happy . . .

birthday to me!  yup - 28 today.  having a tough time with a number that is so certainly not how old i feel.

so, anyways, yesterday we had a party/luau for my little man and i - he'll be 1 on the 16th.  this is merely the first of many birthdays he'll have to share with his mama.  so our theme was luau, and i found some great little luau rubber duckies, so it worked for both.

his cupcakes:

and my cake:
my first 3-layer cake!  i was very impressed with myself.  and, it was a pina colada cake, which was fabulous and super easy to make.


2 boxes white cake mix
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
2 cans pina colada mix
1 cup rum (i used parrot bay)
whipped cream (turned out to require less than 1 tub)

make 3 9" round cakes as directed, only add 1/2 cup rum to the mixture.  mix the colada mix, milk, and remaining rum.  right out of the oven you poke holes all over the cakes and pour the mixture over until it's absorbed (next time i will cut off the tops of the cakes, as you do later to make a layered cake, before pouring the mixture on).  chill before constructing the cake.

nom nom nom


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