Monday, June 6, 2011

some things i made in recent history . . .

today i am going to post some airbrushed stuff that i made - and not stuff that i made light years ago - some of it i made just this past weekend!  really!

i know you're too excited for words, so let's get to it . . .

first, this is a shirt i made for the little man for our birthday luau coming up.  his little swim trunks are blue, green, and purple, so i made this to match.  progress pics!
 drawn out.
 add color.
plus name and white accents.  ta da!

some hats i got all colorful on:

 this is an old bowling pin i got from a local bowling alley, and i painted it to use as a first place crazy bowl trophy . . .
 after i painted this i made some other trophies that i liked better for this particular event.  so, if anyone needs a crazy bowl trophy, i got one for sale :)

gotta go . . . big double birthday luau to prepare for!


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