Monday, October 4, 2010

felt balls? no, really . . . felt balls

i'm sorry.  sometimes craft sounds dirty.

today i wanted to show you some things i worked during my blog abandonment.  in a previous post i showed you some felted balls . . . err, beads(!) that i had made, and here's the final product:

 and a few others that i felted and strung in the past couple weeks:

the left one fades from blue to green as it goes around, which i think it so totally cool.  there are little clear/frosted beads between.  the purple on on the left is pretty enough that i am considering keeping it.  there are glass beads on that one.

the wool that i bought on etsy for the green and purple ones felted like a dream.  i need to track down that seller and buy her out!

these beauties will be making their way to etsy soon.  as always, if you are interested in buying something just shoot me an email and we'll set you up!


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