Tuesday, October 12, 2010

where does it go?

i do not understand how i have whole days that simply disappear.  what did i accomplish today?  anything?  geez.

today i did spend a bit of time working on a bulletin board for my daughter's school.  i signed up to be a room mom, and while there are 3 other room moms for me to be working with none of them seem to be stepping up to any of their responsibilities.  so there's this bulletin board that each grade gets a turn at and october is our turn.  yes - october is half gone.  i had hoped that with all the craziness that october has brought me that somebody else would have taken this on.  i'm done complaining, i promise.

so i've been preparing to put this bulletin board up, but you won't get to see that until it's done.

so into the archives i dive . . .

i made these as an experiment in embroidering on paper:

i have since turned them into brooches - soon to be found in my etsy store!

it's been a long day.  see you tomorrow.


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