Monday, October 11, 2010

joyful exhaustion

wow.  a weekend of sheer exhaustion.  if there were no children in this house i imagine i would still be asleep, but if i had no children i doubt i would be so tired.  hmmm . . . children both cause tiredness and prohibit sleep.  who came up with this?


it is unseasonably warm in st. louis right now - shocker!  st. louis having weird weather - who'd of thunk it?  so all my adorable matching family outfits for the 2 weddings this weekend didn't happen.  i'm still bitter, but perhaps they will be even more awesome at thanksgiving.

i have recently taken up a new craft - knitting.  it is one still that has long eluded me and i have completed a hat and a scarf in the spare moments i've stolen since thursday.  i am quite impressed with myself.  i'd love to show them to you, but i wanna make them a bit more special and awesome before i show them off.

so today i've fished around and i've got one of my all time favorite drawings to show you.

pencil drawing
balance detail

this is another example of my scribble drawing style.  i don't know if there is a straight line in the whole picture.  i don't recall the exact measurements, but i'll guess it at 22"x36".

the image i drew this from

ah!  it's 3!  this day has all but disappeared.  much to do . . .


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