Sunday, October 3, 2010

it's sunday!

see.  i promised that i would return today and i have.  slowly trying to regain my good blogger status.

i had a lovely day at the art walk yesterday.  it was cold, and at times rainy, but people came out anyways and patronized.  i also got to see a lot of friends, which is one benefit to doing a show in your home town.  success!  for those of you who missed it . . .

i forgot to put my small white tablecloths over the blue, and realized after i was nearly done setting up!  everything looks so much better on white.  i have come up with a few other ways to improve my display in the future: thinner tables so everything can be reached, more signs/explanations, title cards/sizes/prices of paintings displayed on fronts, frame all the paintings, etc.  i also noticed that at this particular walk people were more interested in jewelry and accessories than actual art.  most of my customers were children, which is fine, because they were doing the walk, too, and most art is not for them.  i am happy to cater to a younger demographic.

so, what's next?  i have a craft fair in early december, and otherwise i will be posting on etsy!  i'm going to try to get my airbrush studio going, as well.  oh, and i have some very cool new stuff to show you, so just you wait.  also stay tuned for featured artists, new projects, and my first giveaway!

calm down.  i can tell you're excited,

until tomorrow.


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