Thursday, October 7, 2010

holy headbands, batman!

i've always thought that my little headbands were a little, well . . . boring.  it appears that i am mistaken.  at the art walk this past weekend they were an oober-hit!

don't get me wrong - they are cute.  even cuter on the right little (or big) head.  i try really hard to come up with new designs and to make each one totally different.  i think that makes them tiny, wearable pieces of art instead of just accessories.  anywho, here's some new ones:

 i had some scraps of this little funky birdie flannel - too adorable

using more fabric scraps.  that's being green, eh?

fun colors!

orange and pink.  hot.

another funky birdie

sweet purples.  that's another bit of scrap flannel - purple with little turtles

this one is already sold.  apparently somebody else thought it was perfect for fall, too.

this one is my favorite.  if it hadn't sold i would probably have made it mine by now.  this shade of blue is one of the colors i used in my wedding, so it is dear to me.  i used french knots instead of plain stitches on one of the circles - i'll be using that little embellishment more in the future.

i'm gonna get cracking to recoup my headband inventory before december, cause i am wiped out!

this weekend is a bit insane for us - 2 weddings and a rehearsal dinner in 3 days!  i'm sleepy just thinking about it.  don't be surprised if i am scarce the next couple days.

oh! and the featured artist questionnaires are ready and some have been distributed.  that means you'll be seeing those posts soon!  i can't wait!


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