Thursday, October 21, 2010

my hamster wheel

the little man of the house has reached the 4 month mark!  he is laughing and jumping and making sounds . . . and sucking the life force out of me!  don't get me wrong, cause i love my little dude way more than i ever thought possible, but he is an energy drain like i have never experienced.  and these days he is learning to play, which is seriously infringing on mommy's creative time.

so i have been absent as of late, and i do apologize.  i've been putting some time into etsy and promotion there.  i have also started pushing christmas orders and they've already started coming in!  oh, and did you know halloween is next week?  yah - so i've been toiling away on pumpkins and costumes and and and.  breathe.

tonight i finally finished fixing my headband model pics.  my little girl has been my model for, well, ever.  she's getting a bit more attitude about helping me out with this so it's taken a bit more bribing this time around.  alas, i bribed, she posed, i photographed, and here they are:

it's dinner time and i gotta get crackin'.


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