Friday, August 27, 2010

school daze

ack! only 20 minutes before big sister gets out of school and i've not posted anything! the horror!
last night was 'meet the teacher night' at her school. it's slightly humorous to me because i attended the school myself once upon a time. then it was "my school". it became my mom's school when she began teaching there (still does), and now it belongs to my daughter. as far as schools go not too much has changed. she had the same kindergarten teacher i had, has the same principal, and it was only by sheer chance that she did not get the same first grade teacher i had. the teacher she does have attended the school as well only a couple years ahead of me. her brother was in my class. meet the teacher? we've met.

i have been painting for a good part of the day, but it's been backgrounds and in-process stuff . . . nothing worth sharing, yet. instead i will show off a project from last week. it goes along with all these school memories, anyways.

every year my/her school's priest comes up with a yearlong theme (this is a catholic school - did i mention that?). the last two years i have designed a bulletin board to go along with the theme that remains up for the entire year. the first year i was commissioned by my mother, as it was her turn to do the board. last year the other third grade teacher asked me to do it for her turn (she made my family dinner in thanks and it was totally worth it!), and this year i assumed that the job was mine. it seems i was correct.

father normally releases the year's theme about a week before school starts, so i was eagerly waiting to see what my challenge would be this year.

2008-2009's theme was "come holy spirit, guide us on our journey. teach us to listen, learn, and love", and this is my visual interpretation:

2009-2010's theme was "lord god, our hope is in you, for you can do all things, provide all things, and overcome all things" . . .

(a detail shot)

and this year it is "christ has set us free so be the change you want the world to see". here ya go:


i am pretty proud of it, and i love all the feedback that i get throughout the year. next year i am thinking of signing the thing.

i really have enjoyed these. can't wait until next year!


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