Monday, August 23, 2010

a marvelous monday

woo hoo! oh happy day! oh sweet, sweet celebration! today i am experiencing a joy known only to parents of young children, and that is the first day of the first full week of school. words alone cannot express.

i love my daughter. she is sweet and kind and smart and funny. she also talks. a lot. and asks thousands of questions a day. it has been a long summer. it is time for her to talk to her friends and ask questions of her teacher. god help them all.

so it is me and my little fox during the day. he is a happy, smiling boy most of the day, and some days (like this very one) he lets me get something done.

today's project was a gift for my cousin's bridal shower this coming saturday. i despise shopping from a registry, but she happened to register for towels and that means i got to try my hand at a towel cake. also made possible by additional funds from mom, sister, and niece.

take a look:

ingredients: 4 towels, 4 hand towels, 4 rags, ~4 yards of ribbon, cake topper, strait pins, dowel rod
i painted the bride and groom stick people on top to look like them:

aren't they sweet? i am not privy to the colors of the wedding or what her dress will look like, so they are pretty generic other than the hair. i was tempted to scrap this idea and make a bride and groom rubber ducky, but the bottom of the stick people fits into the towels so nicely!

the roses on the top of the cake are actually made of soap - how fun!

what i learned in this project: a dowel rod = steel reinforcements and
strait pins = super glue in terms of a towel cake.

eeeek! only an hour until i must retrieve my peach from school! until tomorrow . . .


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Erin B said...

Apparently I need to commission you for some gifts. And also learn your secrets to being productive with an infant. I might hate you but you're so easy to love.