Sunday, August 29, 2010

day of rest?

not for me!  sundays are the day i use to catch up with life.  i ran errands and cleaned house and organized and cooked the day away.  and then, when dinner was done and my surroundings were less horrible than they were this morning, and the babe was asleep, and i finally had an opportunity to be artistic and make loveliness . . . i decided to take my kiddos on a walk.

my babies!  no criticism of the picture as it was taken with my phone.

i've lived in this town since i was five, and as long as i can recall it has been the walking-est town i know of.  everyone walks.  we live about 2 blocks off the main street and within walking distance of 4 parks (with playgrounds), and while we are less than satisfied with the building in which we reside, we are completely in love with our 'home'.

so we walked and rolled.  the weather was g o r g e o u s, which is oh so rare for st louis.  my sweet husband even came out and joined us for a bit.  it was wonderful.

my apologies for the lack of project.  i only hope you got a moment of joy from your day as i did mine.

good night.


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Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my day yesterday. Mostly because of you ;-)