Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sweet surprises

my heart belongs to film photography. and while my wallet definitely pulls me to digital my heart wins out every once in a while. i will go out with my kiddos and spend a roll of film on a beautiful day, throw that roll in the drawer with the rest, and wait to win the lottery so that one day i might develop the whole lot of them. sigh.

. . . or i can pull out a roll at random and develop it and see what lovely surprises await me!

look what came out . . .

based on the clothes she is wearing and the fact that the field we went to for these shots is now a parking lot, i would say that roll of film was about 2 years old. that would have put my little peach at about 4 years old. she was 2 when i took my first photo class so she has been learning to model as i have learned to shoot.

some some the ol' archive:

awwwww! 2 years old - my baby!

time to hit the grocery.


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