Monday, August 30, 2010

a goat called donkey

yet another day sacrificed for the sake of family . . .

i am sure that you all have these days, where your well made plans are beaten down by those who require more of your attention than you have to give, and when your home is more akin to a train station than a sanctuary.  i forgot to eat lunch.

the bright side: i got some of my errands done and got some good deals on items that will be art someday (a few canvasses, fabric, items for towel cakes, etc).

the dreary side: no creative pursuits today. 

if my little fox lets me sleep tonight i have promised that we can stay home all day tomorrow in our pajamas and cuddle and make beautiful things.  the larger painting i have been slaving over (she does have a title, now - 'dorothy') is begging me to finish her.

but i cannot leave you with nothing!  what shall i pull from my archives to wow you?  ah - I have just the thing . . .

my daughter had a dear stuffed goat.  his name was donkey.  that alone is a terribly long story, but i digress.  i chose donkey as a subject for a project in my drawing class.

'portrait of a goat called donkey'

isn't he sweet?  this little diddy is quite indicative of how i like to draw - ordered chaos, if you please.  i like to do a bit of an organized scribble.  i don't know of anyone else who draws like this, so we will call it the 'jo method'.

at the time i was also working a bit with embroidering on paper, and my drawing professor allowed me to experiment a little with the idea of drawing with thread.

'cotton portrait of a goat called donkey'

every line you see is a piece of thread.  i believe this portrait took me about 4 hours to complete.  labor of love, i assure you.

are you wow-ed?

it's time to get ready for bed.  wish me sleep.


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