Sunday, August 22, 2010

a suiting introduction

hi. my name is jo.

this is my blog. it is my earnest hope that it becomes a script of my life, that is funny and colorful and splendid.

i live in a great, small, midwestern town (right across the mississippi river from st. louis) with my little family. my husband and i have a little girl who is 6 and a little man who just passed 2 months old.

i call myself an artist. i hold a bachelor's degree in studio art, but it also happens to be what i love to do. i paint, and sew, and weave, and draw, and airbrush, and sculpt, and design, and alter, and photograph, and craft, and, and, and. i have media committment issues. my goal is to be creative most days.

once upon a time i tried to be a serious adult. it simply has not worked out for me.

so there i am, in a teeny little nutshell. i'd hate to ovewhelm in the first post.


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