Wednesday, August 25, 2010

much of my day today will be spent cleaning in the basement, so it is unlikely that i will have time to dedicate to loveliness. you see, the basement has become something of an indoor pool and i need to go down and determine what has been destroyed and clean up some. i am bracing myself for sadness.

and so i offer what has been my august project. i had not used an actual paint brush for more than face painting since high school. it was hard for me then, but i am older and steadier, now, so i decided to pick up painting again. the result has been a series of small pieces i am calling "mosaic flowers". allow me to introduce . . .





these are just 4 of the 26 total i have produced. these and 21 others are 3.5" wood discs. it is time to move on from this specific project, for now. i am excited to see if/how these sell at the art walk, and perhaps my etsy.

*update* we have returned from walking big sister to school and i am even more sad due to the gorgeous weather that i will not get to enjoy while cleaning the basement. might have to make time for a walk today :)
**another update** the basement damage is bad but not horrible. losses include a few of my less precious drawings, some toys, a handful of books, and a mini christmas tree. it seems the dry portion of the basement isn't reliable as such :(


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