Thursday, August 26, 2010

why my baby is so much more awesome than your baby (at least today, to me), so there!

last night my sweet, wonderful, precious baby boy slept for 9 hours with only one small wake up for diaper/food. i'll remind you that he is but 2 months old and normally sleeps for 3 hours at a time. today, he is my hero.

he has also been sweet as pie and is letting me work on a large canvas i have been dying to finish. i am getting closer, but i will not share until it is complete. worry not, i am taking plenty of in-process pics. rather, today i think i will show you a few more of my mosaic flowers . . .
i am quite obsessive about the naming of my work. i take it as seriously as naming a child. if i develop a series of pieces i typically do assign a theme to the names. for this "mosaic flowers" series i am using names of female catholic saints, all beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. having 24 of this size i used all the letters except q and x (you can imagine how many female saints had names with these letters!) and when i started working in a larger format i started the alphabet over, but still using the saintly names. now that it's all typed out there it seems a bit complicated. i suppose it has become an obsession of keeping all things organized, but i digress.
to thank the boy for the gift of sleep i have decided to take him on a walk if the opportunity presents itself today. another gorgeous day in st. louis (rare, indeed!), so i may take my camera along. bliss!

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Erin B said...

Beautiful! I'm jealous of your baby.