Thursday, September 23, 2010

bad, bad blogger

my sweet husband informed me today that i have not posted a blog in 6 days.  i have not verified the truth of his statement, but it has been far too long since i have posted and i feel awful about it.

what's been going on?  life!  we baptised the boy, then i had to detox him from all the holding and cuddling and attention he got over the weekend.  both the kiddos have colds.  the little girl lost her first tooth today!  my back is completely out of whack and i'm coming down with a cold.  the art walk is in barely over a week and i am freakin out a bit.


so, it is not that i haven't been doing thing.  i have.  i just don't have oodles of time right now to post it all.  and also most of the stuff i am doing is not finishing.  it's production stuff - making parts that will later be a whole.

so what i did today . . .
felt beads!

i have great gooey gobs of this roving and i should explore other uses for it, but it makes such lovely beads.  in a couple of days they will look like this:

also working with some purples, greys, blues, peaches, and yellows.  very exciting stuff coming up.

but don't be expecting much more posting in the next week.  produce, produce, produce!  i will take pictures along the way and then i'll have oodles to show you after the 2nd.



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