Tuesday, September 14, 2010


this post is not art related at all.  i merely want to share with you some simple excitement from my day.

yesterday i had noticed a large caterpillar hanging on the front of our house.  i assumed it was caught in a spider web, and i marveled at how it managed to get that high to get caught in the first place.  today i walked by and saw this . . .
it's a cocoon!

i was tickled.  and it's so pretty.  it has these gold specs on it (you can see them in the photo - those aren't reflections of light).  i could not wait to show the little girl when she got out of school.  she was equally tickled.

she went out to play with her friend, and not 5 minutes later she runs through the door yelling "come look!"

a friend of his must have come to visit!

the first caterpillar was all greens when i saw him, but this second guy is just as big.  perhaps later i will have another cocoon to show you.

that is all.


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Anonymous said...

I love such simple things. I stare in awe as the clouds passoverhead, as the squirrels pelt our surroundings with acorns, etc.
It is wonderful to know I have the things I need in my life.