Thursday, September 9, 2010

mission complete.

so my goal was to start and finish something today in order for me to go out tonight, and i did it!  confession - i was not terribly ambitious.  i added another errand to my plate for today and it will consume my afternoon.  so, somewhere between walking the peach to school and getting my little fox and i ready for the day, i watched a movie and made this:

i told you i wasn't ambitious, but it's still cute.  i made one similar to this for a craft fair last year and it sold before i was finished setting up.  i don't really like making duplicates of anything so i intend to find ways to stay with the christmas colors and make them all special.

here's a couple others i have knocked out this week amidst the chaos:

front and back

i cannot get away from this color combo!  it makes me smile.

have i mentioned that nearly everything i put on this blog is for sale?  i am building inventory right now for some upcoming shows, so my etsy shop is practically empty.  if you are interested in anything you have seen (or something custom) leave a comment or send me an email.

oh, and if you're following, my little man is back to his happy self.  only got up once last night.  we are all thrilled.


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