Friday, September 3, 2010

success and failure

it happened.  i did not post on this blog yesterday and it was my first missed day.  i am sad, but i guess that family has to come before blog every now and then and that's what happened last night.  failure.

oh, but success!  i finished one of my projects this morning!  no, it's not the big one, but i am extremely excited to reveal.  and even more success . . . i took in-process pictures!

some robots sketches from my sketchbook.  i needed five figures for this project, and it was decided that robots were the coolest way to go.

from here i figured out order and drew out a rough draft on the board i was to paint.

in process . . .

(the right side has been cut off a bit, not sure why)

so there you have it.  i hope you are excited as i am.

it is a remarkably gorgeous day outside today and i have already been artsy and crafty for the day so i intend to get out of the house for a while.  if your weather is anything like ours i suggest you do the same.


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