Wednesday, September 1, 2010


yes, it is nearly midnight.  it was quite a day.  my little man is just not feeling well at all.  i am making an attempt not to complain about being a mom (which i love) so i am afraid that you don't get to hear any of it.  i'm sure you are heartbroken.  typing one-handed so be forgiving (shout-out to all the multi-tasking nursing mamas!).

i did a bad thing.  i started another painting project before finishing the other.  you see, even when he's being a demanding crabby little terd he still lets me have some fun.  he'll make a great husband one day, don't you think?  i am so excited about this new project - i cannot wait to show you.  but i will, wait that is.

i am really tearing through my archives these days, but it's a lot of fun to think of what i've done.  i often get new ideas when going through my old ones :)

i showed you an example of my drawing a couple days ago, so how about i share the first drawing where i developed my 'jo method' . . .

i cannot recall nor can i whip out a measuring tape right now.  14"x28" is a sporting guess.

the theme was loosely assigned.  anyone who knows my husband should peg him for the model, although his mouth is slightly smaller.  i would show you his photo for comparison, but i might have an easier time catching bigfoot on camera.  he's not a fan of having his photo taken :(  but all through art school he would sit and model for as much as i needed.  he's a good husband.

four minutes until i turn back into a servant.  goodnight.


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