Monday, September 13, 2010

i am a very, very bad blogger.  have i mentioned that i have had 3 other failed blogs before this one.  i guess they weren't so much 'failed' as 'completely abandoned and of little value to anyone'.  that being said, i missed my post for yesterday and on top of that i had promised to make something new yesterday and it quite simply did not happen.  bad blogger.

i would like to place the entire blame on the show hoarders.  i don't have tv, but i found this show on hulu and i watched all 5 episodes yesterday.  i don't know if it is possible to watch this show without becoming obsessive about cleaning your own house.  so i watched, and cleaned.

then today i got my acceptance letter from the upcoming art show, and with it my assigned location.  now i am freaking out a bit.  i have 3 weeks before the show and i need to get in high production mode.  but wait, i have to go to pta meetings, and take care of my family, and walk kids to the library, and my son gets baptised this weekend, and craft fairs i was planning on attending, and first grade spelling words to practice, and and and.  mini panic attack.


so tonight is going to be the first in a series of featured artist posts.  now, don't gag, but today's featured artist is my daughter.

this is one of her paintings from last year.  lovely, no?

and here is a collaboration that we did:

at the age of 2 she drew a remarkable set of scribbles.  i took those scribbles and made a silk screen, then printed and dyed my own fabric, then sewed this dress.  she then modeled the dress.  we make a great team.

no promises for tomorrow.  i am still horrified by hoarders images and need to do some more housework.  i may post tomorrow, i may wait a day and wow you with my productivity.  oh, the suspense.

let's go to sleep.


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