Friday, September 17, 2010

oh yah, what did you do today?

it has been a long day.  and yes, i did not post yesterday because it was long, too.  yesterday i got to visit with my person (yes, a grey's anatomy reference as i watched all of season 6 in the last 3 days) and when we get together for the first time in many months there is very little time for much else.  so yesterday was awesome, and i made nothing and was unproductive in most every way.

and today.  today i made something, but i cannot show you.  it is rather mean of me to tell you about something you cannot see, but it's my son's name and there's that whole "announcing your kid's name on the internet" thing, and you understand, right?  to tell the truth i cannot even tell you about what i made, yet.  damn these rules!

but i also made dinner.  a fabulous dinner!  a dinner that classy ladies in ruffly aprons toil away for hours making.  we had stuffed pork chops, brussel sprouts, hawaiin sweet rolls, and apple sauce.  we also had dessert from a local bakery that we patronize far too frequently.  i always feel accomplished after a good meal, especially when my 6 year old picky eater gobbles down her brussel sprouts without argument.  woo hoo!

it isn't your fault that i cannot show you my loveliness for today, so i am gonna find something to show off.  ah - i know!  helen . . .



i have never, ever liked skulls.  i thought they were creepy and morbid and gross.  and then i started looking (really looking) at sugar skulls and the dia de los muertos stuff, and i kinda fell in love.  you might have noticed that i heart bright colors and joyfulness in my stuff, and it turns out that sometimes these dreary/morbid/creepy skulls are all that colorfulness that i love.  love!  helen was my first real effort, definitely not the last.


busy, busy weekend coming up.  our little heathen is getting baptised, so no promises.

have a good one!


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