Friday, September 3, 2010


to make up for my missed post yesterday . . . 2 posts today!

really big news - i believe i may have finished my big painting project that has tied me up all week.  no, you cannot see it, yet because it is late and i have some small details to clean up.

rather, by numerous requests (yes, more than one person has asked me) i am going to show off a little of my airbrushed stuff.  very little, actually. 

my husband asked me last year to help come up with a logo for his company.  i was working as an airbrush artist and had some down time so i make some examples for him on t-shirts.  here they are:

i just realized how obtrusive those watermarks are with a grey background, but you get the idea, right?  ignore the chalk marks all over the shirts, as i took these photos before they were washed.

hmmm . . . that didn't really show you too much range, did it?  okay, okay.  just a few more.  these are just random shirts i made out of boredom.  the flower one i made for my mom (aren't i a good daughter?).


tis past my bedtime and i have to work (yes, occasionally i do go to work) in the morning at the same stand where all these lovelies were made.  who knows what i'll have to show you then? 

sweet dreams.


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