Monday, September 6, 2010

happy labor day!!!

church picnics are like a slice of heaven for me.  attendance prizes, games, plant/craft/cake stands, face painting, quilt bingo, running into old friends and making new ones.  i got to spend my day with my family and friends.  can it be any more awesome?  as i sit here typing one-handed while holding my exhausted little boy in all my sun burnt glory i can assure that yes, there was one way the day could have been more awesome - i could have won a quilt.

i love quilts.  i do not actually own any quilts because i love them too much to ever use them but cannot bare the thought of the loveliness sitting in a chest somewhere not being loved upon.  some day i will have a quilt in my life.

so today you get to see the closest thing to a quilt that i have ever made:

it's just a little pillow.  more patchwork than quilt, but that's all i got.  even this is too precious to use and thus it lives in a storage tub in the basement.  so, so sad.

apologies for the short post today.  nothing ends a day with family quite like cuddling on the couch.  i highly suggest it.


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