Sunday, September 5, 2010

meet dorothy . . .

it has been a very busy holiday weekend so far!  my yesterday was so jam-packed that i didn't have a chance to get on here.  i guess it's a good thing that i never vowed to post every day, huh?

so i have come up with a plan for those days when i have nothing or no time to post . . . i will feature another artist.  it seems that over the years i have surrounded myself with creative people who are extremely talented in their chosen media.  these 'featured artist' posts will start soon, as soon as i get it all organized.  i know you'll love it.

in honor of labor day i will be sharing with you my labor of love for these past two weeks.  allow me to introduce 'dorothy' . . .


i know there's a lot going on.  she's bright and colorful and busy and she makes me happy.  hopefully she will make somebody else happy, too.

some in-process pics:

background and first flower.

some flowers done, others in-process.

more done.  more in-process.  wondering if it's possible to run out of color.
(here you can see one of my layout tricks - little wooden discs with different colors on them to figure out what color flower should go where)

flowers all done.  time for the flair and highlights!


details of the final piece:

i hope that i didn't let you down.  she took me a while to finish but i am pleased to move on to the next project.

tomorrow is our church picnic.  it's a pretty big deal for my family, partly because it is held about half a block from our home, and partly because the weather tomorrow is supposed to be unbelievably gorgeous.  today i am hoping to make something to donate to the craft stand, depending of course on my little boy and if i can keep myself from wasting the day away on long walks on this lovely st. louis day.

we'll see.


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