Friday, September 10, 2010

guess what!?!?

my blog has been viewed over 200 times (according to google analytics), and by nearly 60 different persons!!!  i am very excited to know that i am not blogging to myself everyday, and even more excited to know that most of those visits are repeat offenders.  now i need commenters and followers - hmmmm . . .

i am planning a give away in exchange for comments and followers.  it will be awesome.  stay tuned.


have i mentioned that my day today has been effing crazy?  i am exhausted and i feel like i have done remarkably little.  i did make a new headband today, and it's pretty darn cute and different and i love it.  alas, i am too tired and too busy to scan it and load it, etc.  so, despite my having made something today i am going to dip into archives to show you something i haven't showed you before.

felt jewelry!

i hand felt all my own beads.  if you have ever felted before you know that it takes for-ev-er, but it is eerily calming for me.  i haven't worked on these in a while and now that i am looking at these lovelies i think i'd like to bust out my wool this next week.

more . . .

this bottom one i call 'happiness'.  i heart bright colors.

so that's all for tonight.  very sleepy.


ps - personal note in case she is reading.  my most awesome cousin is driving home today and i cannot wait to see her.  it's been 6 months, or so, and i have missed her dearly.

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