Tuesday, September 7, 2010

is it time for bed, yet?

apparently my little fox has a very sensitive stomach and even mild changes to his formula make him very irritated.  i got about 3 hours of sleep last night.  i function like a swiss watch on 10 hours.  i can survive on 5-6.  3?  3 simply does not do.

we have the formula issue figured out and hopefully resolved, but it is 7:30 and it feels like boulders are pulling my eyelids down.

today did have some highlights . . .
1 - brunch with an old friend.  we are in different places in our lives, which seems to be a common thread in all my 'old' friendships, but it's really great to reconnect.  one of the perks to staying planted in one place is eventually everyone comes home and you get to see them again.
2 - i mailed off my application for the upcoming art walk.  i actually took the whole packet into the post office to make sure i put the correct postage, and then realized that the address i was sending it to was a p.o.box in that very post office.  i paid $1.50 to deliver the package myself, and i was told that it would arrive tomorrow.  really?  it'll take until tomorrow for you to walk it into the next room?  i digress . . .

my peach had her first sleepover at a friend's house the other night.  this particular friend lives directly across the street, which makes for a great first sleepover.  it was her friend's birthday so she asked me to make her a headband for her gift.  my daughter - she was like a regular customer.  she picked out the colors and everything.  turned out pretty cute:
front and back

i just recently started adding a little something on the back side, so i guess technically it is reversible.

some other headbands i've got lying around:

i am always working on new ideas for these and they are super fun to make.  they are also completely adorable when worn.

did you know that a sleep deprived state can feel like you're drunk?  it's not all bad, but i need to wrap this post up before it gets indiscernible.  tomorrow is slated to be a lazy, pajama wearing day.

goodnight.  wish me luck.


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