Wednesday, September 15, 2010

feeling blue . . . and red

bliss!  i got to paint today.  i set a clear goal for myself.  there was something i had never painted and i wanted to challenge myself. 

a rose. 

i have drawn a rose, but never a 'finished' drawing, and surely never a painting.  it is only as of late that i have been brave enough to paint anything.  i'm falling for it, and what better way to express my new love for painting than to paint a rose?

here she is . . .


i don't know how correct of a rose it is, or even if i did a decent job, but i kinda love it.  does she need some flair?  i am not definitely calling her done just yet.

these colors - red and blue - they are dear to me.  it has to be this blue, and this red.  not patriotic blue and red - bleck!  caribbean blue and blood red.  this is not the first time we have met.

it seems i have been searching these colors out for some time.  i wonder if it is coincidence that this blue is my favorite color and this red is my husbands?  ponder that.

i believe it is time to retreat back into season 6 of grey's anatomy and cleaning like a mad woman.  my person is coming over tomorrow and i have missed her immensely, so i don't intend on getting much done other than heaps of catching up.


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